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Heather Bodie Talks About Mental Health

Heather Bodie is a keynote speaker, consultant, and mental health advocate working to teach her audiences how to have complicated but oh-so-necessary conversations about emotional and mental health needs, even at work. Her method and proprietary language tools help unveil decades of stigma and poke at our own personal biases in an approachable, casual, and even fun way. You'll leave with an understanding of how to practice and begin implementing ways and means for a better, more aware, and inclusive daily work experience. You don't have to be an expert to have meaningful and productive conversations about mental health. It's time for everyone to learn how to do it.



To prioritize the mental health of employees


The mental health conversation is more important than ever as the lines between home and work are increasingly blurry. Addressing the mental health of employees has become a non-negotiable.

To support their leaders in learning how


Leaders often assume the role of caretaker without a clear strategy or the tools to care for themselves in the process. Fostering healthy and skilled leadership is essential.


To put valuable concepts
into a daily practice

A valuable concept such as, "Mental Health Matters" is worth communicating because it does! But a valuable concept only comes to life with the direct action to make it actually happen. 

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Heather didn't grow up talking about mental health. And if you had asked her ten years ago what her general interest in the topic was, she would have shrugged and blurted out something like, "...I think it's important! Yes, definitely important. We should all care about it. YES. Yep." 

As her career evolved, she was determined to create and develop a productive, healthy, happy, and inclusive culture for her teams. 


She prioritized one-on-one discussions, no matter how large the team, and the truth is, she started to feel more like an armchair therapist. She found herself using empty phrases like, "only come to me with facts, not feelings" if someone was having a hard time in order to remain 'professional.' She was ill-equipped to manage the dynamic needs of a successful team, and her own mental health was deteriorating in the process.

It wasn't until she began to reflect on her own mental health that she realized a culture of 'no feelings at work' was unsustainable for running a thriving business made of humans.

Something had to change...



In a large audience setting, Heather brings a message that is informative, playful and practical to understand. Acknowledging that we aren't all mental health professionals and don't aim to be, her presentation meets each participant where they are and equips individuals and teams with the necessary tools to have effective mental health conversations, even at work.

In-person or Virtual | 60 minutes

"How To Talk About Mental Health — At Work"


A workshop tackles the essence of our keynote presentation but in much greater detail and with time to really practice the learnings in real life among your team. Our extended time together can also be spent forming communication around your industry's specific needs and experiences and working together to develop an action plan for crises. Heather works directly with your team to find the best approach to address the ins and outs of integrating the mental health conversation into a daily practice in your workplace.

In-Person or Virtual | Customizable Lengths

"Mental Health Conversations - A Daily Practice"


Heather consults with leaders and companies in search of a more personalized action plan on how to help employees have conversations about their mental health needs at work. Heather helps develop internal systems and tools to maintain healthy work relationships for individuals, leaders, and members of teams. 

In-Person or Virtual | Customizable Session Length

"What do I say when... " or  "I'd love help with..."

Heather Bodie Services


We can tailor programs specifically for your company's needs and even have professional social workers on our team who collaborate with us and our clients on custom at-work offerings. 

Not seeing a service offering you want above that is work and mental health related? Reach out.

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"Heather is such an engaging and dynamic speaker. Her vulnerability was refreshing."
"This was very helpful given our current work environment. The speaker was incredible and gave some strategies I will absolutely be using with my team."


"I want to personally thank you for an incredible event. I have a feeling that the whole hour hit home with a lot of our folks."


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